About Us

The Best Marble & Terrazzo Polishing in Sarasota

Our customers don't have decades of marble restoration and maintenance experience, and we understand they trust our knowledgable professionals to do a quality job. That trust is important to us, and we value our reputation above all else.

Our Experts


Marble Renewal™ technicians are fully trained and insured, offering the best and most professional service possible. Our team will provide a prompt, free onsite expert evaluation of your various options to restore and care for your stone.

Our Services


Customer education and satisfaction is an important part of the excellent service Marble Renewal™ offers. We are experts that focus on Problem Solving, Lippage Removal, Grout, Demonstrations, Repair, Trouble shooting, Efflorescence, Lippage Removal, Re-grouting, Protection and Restoration.

Our Results


Restore your marble to its former glorious luster and shine. We specialize in marble and stone restoration. Restoration will last 3-5 times longer than polishing. Polishing merely fills in scratches. You can trust us to provide stone solutions that work for you.